Happy, Healthy Child


At Maisie Poppins we take the wellbeing of the children, staff and parents very seriously.

Our holistic approach ensures that the wellbeing of our children is our first priority. We firmly believe that children should feel safe, loved, noticed, nurtured and listened to. When children feel like this they have a natural aptitude for learning, they come to activities full of enthusiasm fuelled by high self-esteem, they feel motivated and curious and learning flows easily. Children who learn like this take that positive experience of education with them as they grow up and are able to learn easier in schools any beyond.

All children are allocated a key person and co-key person prior to their start date and all staff work together to settle your child, giving them as much one-to-one time as they need.

Staff use the Levuen scales’ daily to ensure that wellbeing is kept at the forefront of our practice. If a child has a significant change in wellbeing we will work in their best interests in partnership with you to work out and resolve whatever may be the issue.

As well as children, Staff wellbeing is also highly regarded. With the rise of Covid keeping spirits high is more important than ever. Steph (Business Manager) and Maisie (Director) lead on staff wellbeing at Maisie Poppins.

Healthy Eating

At Maisie Poppins, we are as considered with our approach to food as we are with all aspects of our care and education.

We are in receipt of the following food awards and we also serve as local ambassadors for healthy eating and contribute to ongoing best practice in this area through multi agency forums and have served on the judging panel for the Soil Association ‘Babies and Children Food Product of the Year’.

We focus on the following core areas in relation to food and how we eat which is linked seamlessly to our forest school activities and education delivery:
  • Teaching children where food comes from and linking this to growing activities in our nature garden, city farm trips and room activities.
  • Ensuring we support children to internalise a healthy approach to food in relation to physical and mental health. We don’t pressurise or bribe children around food and how much and what they eat. We create a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere.
  • We treat food ceremoniously, we eat together as a community and staff join in, staff model conversations together and we wait for our friends to finish politely before we leave the table. We learn how to eat with our cutlery safely and with considerate table manners.
  • The needs of children with allergies and sensory food aversions are fully respected. We have robust safety measures in place and all staff are qualified in paediatric first aid and anaphylaxis management and response. Children who need too are given the freedom to explore and expand their palate on their own terms and eat with their hands if this is appropriate.
  • We cater for differing cultural food preferences such as Halal, Ital, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, dairy free as long as the child’s daily nutritional requirements are met as per our legal obligations.
  • We support children in their preparation for the school day by taking all children age 2 and above to the lunch hall daily to eat with the wider community within our own area.
  • We also work in partnership with families to support children’s eating difficulties, through joint interaction with HENRY. HENRY supports parents, carers and professionals in providing the best and healthiest start in life for children living in the local community. HENRY nutritionists work in collaboration with Hackney Learning Trust and Early years settings to ensure effective and continued delivery of the Eat Better Start Better programme in Hackney. We can refer you to a HENRY course or drop in directly from Nursery.
Invitation to play
Oral health
Exploring textures

Oral Health

Maisie Poppins works in partnership with the oral health programme to promote and create oral health awareness for all. Click here for further information.

We encourage children to brush their teeth after meals. Children are given their own toothbrushes and toothpaste at nursery and are supported to have an understanding of oral health and learn to take responsibility around it. This is complimented by oral health workshops carried out by the NHS and ourselves.

Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy refers to the development of skills, confidence and love of movement in order to be physically active for life. Children develop physical literacy through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. The nature of these activities changes as children grow in age and ability. Physical literacy is relevant to all ages, from kicking your legs as a baby to experiencing ‘tummy time’, to playing tennis.

Research shows that children who have a high level of physical literacy experience the following benefits as adults:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.
  • Higher academic test scores.
  • Increased self-esteem and happiness.
  • Higher annual learnings.
  • Have healthier active habits for life.

At Maisie Poppins, we actively promote physical literacy by supporting children to increase their early movement skills from learning to walk through to more complex skills required for a range of activities such as yoga, dance, using scooters, long walks, running, tennis and football. We place great importance on outside play and all children to go the London Fields to play weekly as well as utilising our own indoor and outdoor play spaces.

Click here to learn more about some of the principles we follow