The Nursery

The Nursery


The Nursery and Pre-School are split into two different buildings either side of the St Joseph’s Complex on Mare Street via a Private entrance.

The rooms in the Nursery building are as follows; Willow Room, Hazel Room and Elder Room.

The rooms in the Pre-School building are as follows; Aspen Room, Olive Room and Bay Room.

Our five rooms are named after locally indigenous trees that the children see on their trips to the park: Willow Room and Hazel Room are where 1 to 2 year-olds find their feet, Elder Room and Aspen Room are where 2- to 3 year-olds explore their world, while Olive room and Bay Room are designed for the development of our 3- to 5-year-olds.

Both the garden and the play area are used as outdoor classrooms with a variety of innovative learning experiences designed to feed your child’s imagination.


In each of our six rooms we have created a stimulating and safe environment that encourages your child to explore, learn and express themselves through role play, messy play, art activities, sensory exploration and much more. When it’s nap time, dark curtains and comfy mats ensure your child gets their well-earned rest.

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Our community

Supporting our local community is valued highly at Maisie Poppins. Annually we come together as a Nursery to Donating food and other necessities to the Hackney Food Bank.

We are delighted that we have been able to collect so generously for the last two years at Christmas. Moving forward, we will be adding ‘Harvest’ collections and have been building up our Parent Partnership Patron programme where in addition to our large collections from staff and families, we also give money monthly. Parents that have joined our patron programme also give money monthly through their direct debit scheme. We hope to inspire other local nurseries to do the same.

Community work at Maisie Poppins:

Over the last 18 months Maisie has worked in partnership with local independent businesses, Beck road resident’s association, the Hospice & The London borough of Hackney, to bring about positive and powerful change to positively impact the local community and the children and adults at Maisie Poppins. We have been successful in a joint funding bid to the Good Growth Fund (GGF) for £346K for Broadway Market and the surrounding area. The scheme would be in place for the current financial year and next financial year:

The bid will aim to reduce local air pollution and traffic dominance, promote walking and cycling and encourage a shift to electric vehicles. There will be a focus on removing car parking bays and replacing them with cycle parking, EV charging, trees and other forms of sustainable transport/ public realm. We have also ensured that a section of the funding will be dedicated to the Mare Street South / St. Joseph Hospice Area. Due to Covid-19, we estimate that the majority of the interventions will be delivered next financial year 2021 but timeline is not confirmed, it may be sooner. The GGF required that all interventions by the project needed to have direct air quality benefits, such as parking bay conversions and reducing the dominance of local vehicle traffic.

Good Growth Fund meetings are ongoing to discuss next steps and establish proper project governance. The project is being currently discussed in more detail to see how the funding that is allocated can be used to resolve local issues and fulfil local objectives. The interventions will aim to build on existing projects in the area, including the closure of Triangle Road, the busgate on Broadway Market and the green infrastructure/public realm work on Mare Street.