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Welcome to Maisie Poppins.

Shiraz is the Director and Ofsted registered person for Maisie Poppins Nursery & Pre-School, he has a Level 3 Childcare Diploma and has been working full time in the field of childcare since August 2016 as the Founder of Firstdaynursery located in Ilford.

At Maisie Poppins, we follow ‘The Maisie Poppins Way: An Early Years Ecosystem’ which is a holistic approach/ethos and educational framework (pedagogy) that accounts for all aspects of nursery & preschool life as a holistic ecosystem.

It draws on a wide range of methodologies including early years educational frameworks, evidence-based research, neuroscience, forest school philosophy, the writings of Maria Montessori, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, ‘High Scope early years conflict resolution’, child & family psychology,  the ‘Solihull approach’ and Lev Vygotsky.

This ethos and pedagogy creates a positive and nurturing environment that allows every child’s strengths and qualities to shine and a child’s differences and unique needs to be embraced and celebrated.

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For a further insight on all things Maisie Poppins, Please click here to see virtual tour by Founder and Consultant Yasmin (Maisie) Darling

Director, Shiraz
Founder & Consultant, Yasmin (Maisie)



Our child-led approach nurtures emerging passions and interests so that learning becomes a pleasure not a chore. Our lessons take place in both our inside and outside spaces.

Partnership working

Building authentic partnerships between parents and our Maisie Poppins staff team is at the heart of what we do. We listen to you and work with you to enable your son or daughter’s childhood the best it can be.

Each child has a dedicated key/co worker who builds a relationship with your child, you, your family members and any other associated carers. ‘Daily Diary’ handovers by your child’s key worker ensure golden moments are recounted faithfully along with any other significant events.

We use first class safe and secure software to enable circular communication between family and our setting to enable a daily meaningful, useful and enjoyable exchange.

Our relationship with you is central to what we do and all staff can be direct messaged at anytime using this software. Photos are shared daily within the Daily Diary sent through the app and professional educational observations are carried out for your child every 3 weeks. Any developmental differences, gaps in learning and areas of excellence are swiftly captured and fed back to you appropriately with careful planning in partnership.

We know that having a network of like-minded parents around you makes a huge difference to positive parentings, our software enables parents mean to make as many new friends as your children will. We think community is very important.


To apply for a place at Maisie Poppins, please email admin@maisiepoppins.comFor more information about Maisie Poppins and fees, see here.



"Maisie Poppins nursery is a haven for our little ones. They are thoughtful, proactive and responsive. I am always in awe of the incredible effort that the staff make to create a fantastic learning experience every day. "


Maisie Poppins parent

We have used Maisie Poppins for both our children and thoroughly recommend the brilliant service they provide to children and parents. You know your children will be in excellent hands at Maisie Poppins Nursery, and that peace of mind is priceless.”


Maisie Poppins parent

Maisie Poppins is such a wonderful nursery and preschool! We couldn't recommend Maisie Poppins enough."


Maisie Poppins parent

We have had a wonderful experience at Maisie Poppins. The team manage to combine very high standards of professionalism with warmth and a genuine and personal interest in every child. The communication and engagement with parents is outstanding.


Maisie Poppins parents

"We are both teachers and are very impressed with the stimulating, creative learning environment at Maisie Poppins. More importantly, the quality of the emotional and social support is very high. Our son has been happier and more confident since starting at the nursery.


Maisie Poppins parent

"They're communicative, kind, compassionate and the nursery itself is very well organised. thank you, team - we think you're ace!


Maisie Poppins parent

The staff at Maisie Poppins have been more than amazing in helping my son settle in. I can leave him at the door knowing he is in safe hands. Maisie Poppins has been the right choice and my son is happy.” 


Maisie Poppins parent

By far the best nursery in the area, my son absolutely loves coming here! Everything is so well thought out, lots of time spent in the garden and the food is nutritious and delicious. I don’t have any concerns whatsoever sending my son as I know he’s having the best time! Have recommended to all my friends.


Maisie Poppins parent

This is an exceptional nursery. The staff are so positive and nurturing. The rooms and grounds that the children have access to are much more spacious and light than other nurseries we visited in the area. We are so pleased with our choice to send our little girl here - she is really thriving. I would 100% recommend it to anyone!


Maisie Poppins parent

The team at Maisie Poppins Nursery have the most incredible, nurturing and positive attitude towards enriching the lives of the children in their care. I wish I was little again so I could have fun with the team there.


Maisie Poppins parent

So much gratitude for this wonderful nursery. Our little boy absolutely adores it. Love the Forrest school aspect as well as all the little gifts he brings home, and all the team are amazing!


Maisie Poppins parent

Child care, done the right way. The ethos of Maisie Poppins Nursery is unrivalled and the holistic approach to the care provided to the children is incredible, like nothing else out there. Thank you so much!"


Maisie Poppins parent

"I am so happy with Maisie Poppins Nursery. They look after my daughter so well and she truly enjoys going to the Nursery. Their approach to Education is fantastic!


Maisie Poppins parent

"Very pleased with our son's progress so far. He finds new surroundings a little daunting, but the staff made him feel at home the moment he arrived.


Maisie Poppins parent