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Welcome to Maisie Poppins.

Maisie Poppins was started in 2013 by founder and director Maisie (Yasmin) Darling. Maisie has been working full time in the field of Childcare since 1995, studying and working with children, families and local communities. Her qualifications include a BA Hons degree in English Literature & Theatre Studies, a PGC in Social care & Health, diplomas in early years education, forest school leadership and baby massage training,  and a post graduate diploma in working with children, young people and families within a psychoanalytical approach from the internationally renowned Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

Maisie has developed ‘The Maisie Poppins Way: An Early Years Ecosystem’ which is a holistic approach/ethos and educational framework (pedagogy) that accounts for all aspects of nursery & preschool life as a holistic ecosystem.

It draws on a wide range of methodologies including early years educational frameworks, evidence-based research, neuroscience, forest school philosophy, the writings of Maria Montessori, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, ‘High Scope early years conflict resolution’, child & family psychology,  the ‘Solihull approach’ and Lev Vygotsky, all combined with Maisie’s 28 years of experience working with children and families in London and overseas.

This ethos and pedagogy creates a positive and nurturing environment that allows every child’s strengths and qualities to shine and a child’s differences and unique needs to be embraced and celebrated.

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Founder and director, Yasmin (Maisie) Darling



Our child-led approach nurtures emerging passions and interests so that learning becomes a pleasure not a chore. Our lessons take place in both our inside and outside spaces.

Partnership working

Building authentic partnerships between parents and our Maisie Poppins staff team is at the heart of what we do. We listen to you and work with you to enable your son or daughter’s childhood the best it can be.

Each child has a dedicated key/co worker who builds a relationship with your child, you, your family members and any other associated carers. ‘Daily Diary’ handovers by your child’s key worker ensure golden moments are recounted faithfully along with any other significant events.

We use first class safe and secure software to enable circular communication between family and our setting to enable a daily meaningful, useful and enjoyable exchange.

Our relationship with you is central to what we do and all staff can be direct messaged at anytime using this software. Photos are shared daily within the Daily Diary sent through the app and professional educational observations are carried out for your child every 3 weeks. Any developmental differences, gaps in learning and areas of excellence are swiftly captured and fed back to you appropriately with careful planning in partnership.

We know that having a network of like-minded parents around you makes a huge difference to positive parentings, our software enables parents mean to make as many new friends as your children will. We think community is very important.


To apply for a place at Maisie Poppins, please email admin@maisiepoppins.comFor more information about Maisie Poppins and fees, see here.


“I don’t believe how lucky I am to have the good fortune to have found Maisie Poppins Nursery”


Maisie Poppins parent

“The communication with the team is excellent, we get daily pictures, messages and a personal diary so we are always informed, it brightens our day to see him so happy, we are extremely pleased”

Dr. Bacon

Maisie Poppins parent

Maisie sets very high standards and has many policies and procedures in place to keep the children safe and happy.”


Maisie Poppins parent

Maisie and her team come highly recommended, not only from us but also from our twins.”

Cassie & Bradley,

Maisie Poppins parents

"There’s so much to interest the children, lots of toys and amazing resources inside and outside, then there are all the activities, so varied and engaging.”


Maisie Poppins parent

"My son looks forward to going and never wants to leave, I’ve never seen that reaction in him.”


Maisie Poppins parent

“We are very grateful for the thoughtful and dynamic child centered care provided by the team, we feel completely confident that our son is treated with the same respect and care as he would be at home.” 

Dr. Gurney,

Maisie Poppins parent

“Maisie and her team offer a bespoke, holistic nurturing childcare service focussing on care and education, and concentrating on PSED (personal, social and emotional development), healthy lifestyles and outdoor play. Maisie strongly believes in working in partnership with parents and the ‘team around the child’ approach, resulting in excellent developmental outcomes for the children in her care.”


Hackney Learning Trust

“Their knowledge of the EYFS and commitment to encouraging development through fun play is fantastic, their holistic childcare model has meant my daughter has been supported to learn at her own pace which has really helped her confidence in social situations.”


Maisie Poppins parent

“The food is outstanding, healthy varied and interesting and the education and support equally so. We truly feel like we’ve won the lottery having our children at Maisie Poppins, there’s no place like it.”


Maisie Poppins parent

“Since being at MP our daughter has grown in confidence and her development has progressed in leaps and bounds, she’s exceeding her milestones and is a very secure and confident child.”


Maisie Poppins parent

“Maisie and team create childcare of an extremely high standard, with a variety of calm yet stimulating activities based on a great curriculum, it is an invaluable service for us and the other families they work with.”


Maisie Poppins parent

"His transition couldn’t have been easier, he simply loved it there from the very first minute and ran in leaving me at the door with a quivering lip, he is now developing there at an explosive rate especially his interpersonal skills.”


Maisie Poppins parent

“Maisie creates a warm, joyful and creative environment that makes everyone feel welcome and at ease, she made community for the children and parents alike.” Claire MP Parent


Maisie Poppins parent