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Parenting Consultancy

Parenting Consultancy

In my experience as a parent and childcare professional I know that parenting can be wonderful, amazing and magical and also frustrating and exhausting and sometimes overwhelming and confusing. Parenting consultancy can be useful during these periods of high intensity and also when we know we need to make some changes to make family life feel a little easier and brighter.

“It Take’s a village to raise a child” (its ok to ask for help…)

Parenting consultancy mission statement:

To Utilise my experience, skills and knowledge to work in partnership with parents and carers (clients) in an empowering way to successfully work through periods of difficulty to create positive lasting change for happier & healthier family lives.

Key Target Areas for consultancy work:

  • Sleep
  • Eating
  • Behaviour/wellbeing
  • Sibling dynamics
  • Independent Play
  • Toilet training
  • Parenting style and confidence
  • Parents working together in partnership
  • Extended families/grandparents working together
  • Managing transitions and change
  • Child and family wellbeing
  • Aggression
  • Family conflict
  • Routines
  • Supporting Neurodiversity (special educational needs) at home
  • ‘Screen time’ reduction and management
  • Client request 

Bespoke Home Design:

  • Risk assessment and hazard Checks for baby and child home safety
  • Invitation to Play’: Creating magical environments at home to support learning, independent play & engagement

Working Style:

  • Strengths based & empowering
  • Transparent & down to earth
  • Clear & Direct
  • Supportive & non judgmental
  • Thorough & accountable
  • Holistic & child centered
  • Informed and informative
  • Committed and responsible

More information on our range of packages for individual families and parent groups are available on request

Rolling Parenting Course

This is a 6-week rolling parenting course written and delivered by Maisie. This is designed to support parents navigate their child’s early years (1-3 years in the main).

The course is run on a week day evening 7-9pm for 6 consecutive weeks.

The course content is delivered in an experiential way (learning by doing) as well as some passive learning, peer led learning and activities. This is in line with the overall Maisie Poppins ethos of learning.

Course content is derived from My 20 year experience working with children and families and informed by messages from research and experience in a range of early years education pedagogies, child and family psychology and neuroscience.

Parents & Carers are invited to learn, share and laugh together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

There will be opportunities to ‘workshop’ specific issues from home with Maisie and the group and peer support is fostered and encouraged beyond the length of the course.

Training & Consultancy for early years providers

Using my experience of designing and managing ‘Outstanding’ and multi award winning childcare since 2013, I have written and deliver the following for early years providers:

  • Outstanding ways to: Turnaround ‘difficult’ behaviors (children)
  • Outstanding ways to: Settle new children
  • Outstanding ways to: Work as a ‘team around the child’
  • Outstanding ways to: Create a winning food culture
  • Outstanding ways to: Be an authentically inclusive setting
  • Bespoke requests

Bespoke Consultancy for early years providers:

  • Resolution of staff conflict
  • Maximising the setting environment for best results
  • Improvement of organisational culture
  • Setting wellbeing assessment and improvement plan
  • Client Request

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