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Holistic Childcare

The Maisie Poppins Way… Our childcare ethos explained

At Maisie Poppins all staff are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of childcare, both within a group context and to each unique child individually. Our approach is holistic in the sense that we believe all aspects of a child’s development, such as cognitive development, emotional wellbeing and physical growth, and the environments within which they are cared for, are connected. We believe that these aspects and their relationship to one another have to be considered as a whole to provide the best possible level of care.

We believe that, when a child feels safe, secure and loved, they are better able to be kind to others and are more open to positive relationships and learning. Development is able to progress and transitions become easier for the child to manage.

At Maisie Poppins Childcare we work to build early ‘world citizenship’ in children, who experience their world as a safe place where they have the freedom to explore and discover at their own pace, fully enjoying the wonder and magic of childhood without restrictions created by negative childcare experiences.

Maisie Poppins Childcare: A snapshot

Maisie Poppins Childcare provides professionally run, home-based childcare in London Fields, Hackney, London E8. We are Ofsted registered, fully insured and trained. We are inspected by both Ofsted and the Hackney Learning Trust and have been graded ‘Outstanding in All Areas’ since 2013 and within 5 months of our founding. Staff are paid the London Living Wage and receive holiday and sick pay as standard.   

All staff have a robust learning and development plan and receive regular supervision. All staff are qualified in paediatric first aid and 3 staff members hold a Level 2 food hygiene qualification. Staff are highly and relevantly qualified, holding a range of Level 3 childcare diplomas and degrees, as well as ongoing CPD (continued professional development).

A ratio of 3 children to 1 adult or higher is always in effect.

Children play and learn inside and outside every day and attend regular community and Forest School trips commensurate with their age. We have a younger group of children (The Dolphins) and an older group (The Whales). Focused learning activities and free play are designed and delivered throughout the day to the two different groups, who come together and are cared for separately at different times based on assessment of need.

A full co-keywork system is in place in order for children to feel as safe and nurtured as possible. Regular review and progress meetings take place and a thriving childcare:parent community is central to the daily lives of the families we work with.

A daily timetable is in place, governed by a fluid approach of adapting the timetable to the needs and interests of the children throughout the course of a day. Childcare is also complemented by free access to an early years 6-week parenting course run by Maisie and on-going parenting consultancy support free of charge for current clients.

There is an open door policy in place, with high levels of 2-way communication and daily handovers to and from security-protected software on a work-specific iPhone and iPad.

Organic Food

Organic Food at Maisie Poppins ChildcareFood is organic and ethically sourced; fresh, healthy and cooked to plate. We have a diverse range and menus are clearly displayed. We adhere to 2 sets of guidance: the Soil Association Food for Life Award and the Children’s Food Trust guidance. We hold the highest-level award from both bodies, who have inspected us personally. The menu is nutritionally balanced and informed by the latest research on infant and child dietary needs. We adapt menus to allergy needs and other cultural needs, such as vegetarian alternatives. 


Children are supported to sleep well in our care and we follow NHS guidance. We work in partnership with parents to support good sleep at home and in childcare where needed. Children sleep on their own in travel cots in a dark room or as a group on yoga mats on the floor, depending on their age and stage and need. We ensure good sleep hygiene is in place for all children in our care and extend this information to our parents.

Children do not watch any TV while in our care. The older group will occasionally see a short iPad clip as part of an extended learning activity, such as a piece on volcanoes, for instance. The children do not access any screens outside of this, other than for technology learning, which is part of the EYFS curriculum.

We support children to resolve conflict together and enable children to access calm spaces when overwhelmed, providing emotional support and care as needed. We do not operate within a ‘rewards and punishment’  framework; rather, we seek to support children to reflect on what happened and move forwards mindfully and thoughtfully to more positive, self-regulated outcomes over time with support. 

Foundation Stage Curriculum

Maisie Poppins Childcare

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow the EYFS, including childminders, preschools, nurseries and school reception classes.

We deliver this early years curriculum to the highest possible standard in a range of age-appropriate ways. The children we care for tend to have much higher EYFS outcomes than the national standards and are nursery/school ready at their leaving transition points. Great progress is made during their time with us; children tend to feel highly motivated to learn and their natural curiosity and exploratory impulse is embraced and extended and linked to differing areas of learning. We are small enough to really pick up on a child’s early talents and passions and enable extension of specific activities to further them in partnership with parents.

Maisie PoppinsChildcare Awards

  • Children’s Food Trust Award: Level 3 Certification 2017
  • NurseryWorld Finalist 2016
  • Soil Association Early Years Food for Life Award 2016
  • London Living Wage Award 2016
  • Hackney Learning Trust Outstanding Contribution to Childminding and Mentoring Award 2016
  • NurseryWorld Finalist 2015
  • The Evening Standard Ladder for London Award 2014
  • NurseryWorld Finalist and Winner (Early Years Newcomer) 2014

Childcare Staff

Maisie Collin

Hello, I am Maisie. I am the founder and director of Maisie Poppins Childcare and a mum. I have been working with children, young people, families and local communities for the last 20 years in a range of settings. I founded Maisie Poppins Childcare in January 2013. Since that time, I have worked with my staff to ensure its on-going growth and development in order for our childcare theory and practice to be as informed, relevant and reflective as possible befitting the honour of being trusted to care for young children at such an important developmental time in their lives.I am passionate and dedicated in my lifelong work to ensure children are supported to maximise their life opportunities from the very beginning. The combination of my career experience and qualifications has enabled me to utilise a range of key skills and knowledge bases to create a highly robust, evidence-based pedagogy ‘The Maisie Poppins way …’ drawing on psychology, neuroscience, sociology, early years educational frameworks and the benefit of authentic partnership work to create consistently high outcomes for young children in our care. Outcomes are consistently measured in relation to wellbeing, involvement and the 7 EYFS curriculum areas.I am also a qualified Forest School leader and our bi-weekly sessions with our parent volunteers provide much needed respite for children away from London’s urbanisations in the healing sanctuary of nature spots in our garden and the local park. The child-led sessions are unique and provide a special way for children to build confidence and increase their wellbeing, as well as learn valuable skills. I very much enjoy the daily 2-way learning process when working with children; there is never a dull moment and lots of fun and laughter along the way.


Hello, I am Rahima. I started as an advanced apprentice being trained by Maisie on the job in March 2013. I have since qualified with a Level 3 diploma in childcare. I love working with the children and especially enjoy taking them on community trips and teaching them about how the world around them works. I take my job very seriously but we have lots of fun. In my role as co-keywork person I feel great job satisfaction being part of their learning journey as they grow in confidence and awareness. When a child sleeps and eats well, is highly motivated in their play and learns through developing peer relationships I know we’ve worked together well to achieve the best outcomes for the child. Childhood is so precious and being part of this in a setting like this is a wonderful experience. I lead on development of ‘understanding the world around you’, one of the 7 areas of the EYFS.


Hello, I am Nazia. I also started work here as an advanced apprentice in September 2013. I have since qualified with a Level 3 childcare diploma and enjoy using my qualification to be the best childcare practitioner I can be. I lead on development of ‘expressive arts and design’ as part of the EYFS. I love supporting the children to express themselves creatively using a wide range of resources, which also enhances their fine and gross motor skills, and range of sensory experiences, which is important for neurological development. My co-keywork responsibilities enable me to support children in their transitions into childcare and I use this important relationship with the children to guide them through development of important peer relationships and early years developmental milestones, such as learning to take turns, share and use the toilet independently.



Hello, I’m Lucy. I have over 5 years of experience in the Childcare sector and I thoroughly enjoy working and interacting with the younger generation. At Maisie Poppins, I am 100% committed to providing the best possible care for children in a happy, fun, secure and stimulating environment. I am also completing my Masters degree in Early Years Education at UCL. Previous to this, I completed my undergraduate degree in Education studies where I focused upon Early Years Education holistically from both theoretical and practical views.



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