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The Maisie Poppins Way… 

Babysitting The Maisie Poppins Way

At Maisie Poppins Childcare (MPC) we like to do things properly and our babysitting service is no exception. As a busy parent myself, we understand how important it is to wellbeing and happiness to have time to yourself on occasion to get out and about without your children, whether it’s dancing the night away, a chat and a pint down the local with an old friend, or anything else. We also know we can only truly relax if we know our child is being cared for in the best possible way, in the safest of hands.

We have worked hard to design a service that continues our child-led ethos, matched with our standards of excellence around quality of care, safety and a bespoke, non-corporate approach.

Our babysitters have met stringent standards that surpass all other babysitting services by far. Equally, we look after these childcare professionals, who are quite rightly paid London Living Wage as standard, have ongoing relevant training, are supervised and appraised properly, and are recruited safely. Our babysitters have to meet high standards before being able to work for us, in addition to panel interview and suitability testing. Other babysitting and nanny agencies tend to work by charging very high introduction fees to match clients and childcare workers but not to take any legal responsibility or ongoing support for the worker or client thereafter which creates a set of circumstances where relationships often break down and problems can occur easily. Its also very unsafe as thier is no legal obligation for the babysitter/nanny to be suitably qualified, experienced, medically and psychologically fit and there is no appropriate insurance in place to legally safeguard these tenuous arrangements, it does however make great business accumen for desperate parents who do not have an understanding of the bigger picture. For me as a parent and a childcare director this is not acceptable and poses a breach of trust and ultimately a child protection risk. To this end I have designed a bespoke unique service that puts safety and professionalism at the heart of our model. 

Here are the seven main standards that evidence our complete dedication and commitment to our ‘people over profit’ approach that ensures the ‘welfare of the child is paramount’ rather than our profit margin:

  1. All of our babysitters have a relevant diploma in childcare, play work or health and social care and some are qualified teachers and/or x 2 years relevant employment. 
  2. They all have up-to-date enhanced DBS (police checks) that are initiated and processed by Maisie Poppins LTD and are signed up to the annual update service.(as oppose to using an old check that is not legally binding for new work and may not be up to date). 
  3. They have 2 good-quality references that are properly verified by Maisie Poppins LTD.
  4. They are mentally and physically well and are able to carry out work alone caring for children as recently evidenced by an independent medical company UK based commissioned by MPC. 
  5. They are employed directly through Maisie Poppins LTD and thereby fully ensured, supported, guided and trained appropriately like any other employee even though its part time work in most cases. 
  6. They are covered by high quality employer liability, public liability and professional indemnity insurance, in short, Maisie Poppins LTD take legal responsibility for the ongoing performance of your babysitter rather than introducing you to a high risk scenario then leaving you all to get on with it. We directly employ the babysitter and manage them while they are in your home.
  7. As part of our highly professional approach, as per there training package with us, the babysitter will carry out a full risk assessment on every visit to your home and will adhere to the ‘Maisie Poppins Way’ of working at all times, ensuring a high quality ethical, safe, nurturing and inspiring experience for your child/ren as standard. 

How it works

Babysitting The Maisie Poppins Way

To give you a snapshot, using our experience of delivering ‘outstanding’ childcare for over 4.5 years, we have learned that the best possible way to care for children is in partnership with parents and carers. This style of working places the child at the centre, with babysitters and parents functioning as a team around the child.

We have designed a child-led approach to babysitting, where each family can choose and host an initial 2-hour visit at their home to assess the mutual suitability of 2 different babysitters at different times. This enables the children and family to get to know the babysitter and to ask any questions prior to making any arrangements. If this initial visit goes well, parents can then set up long-term arrangements, such as weekly babysitting on a particular night, with additional ad-hoc babysitting as desired. We have found that this arrangement best responds to the needs of children and families and is much more viable in relation to reliability for both parties and, fundamentally, stability and reassurance for the child who will, of course, bond with the babysitter.

In the meantime, MPC will work behind the scenes to ensure your babysitters are consistently supported, well paid, and that compliance standards and legal requirements are maintained, including on-going relevant training. We are also here to manage and resolve any difficulties swiftly should they arise.

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